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Lose weight before starting SSLP?

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  • Lose weight before starting SSLP?

    34yo male, 6ft6, approx 300 lbs, 49in at navel, last lifted about 8 months ago

    After listening to the latest podcast, I have a couple of questions:

    I am currently unable to start my SSLP for various reasons (which I can get into if you want) and obviously I need to lose fat. I understand that ideally I would want to be gaining weight during LP to maximize gainz.
    • Do you recommend losing the fat before starting LP, since I can't LP right now anyway, or is fat loss without weight training a fool's errand?
    • Will I just gain fat back when I start to gain weight again?
    • If so just HIIT and diet?

    Thanks for all the info you provide for us!

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    If you can't train currently, e.g. SSLP, then yes I would recommend doing something to aid in weight loss. I think everything works better with resistance training, but we shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of good either.

    I would do HIIT, LISS, and diet, yes.
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      Perfect, thanks.


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        Jordan, I also thought that maybe I put this in the wrong section. I was thinking nutrition because I was thinking fatloss, but would this be better in training?