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  • Appetite suppression

    Hello! I have seen and listened to many of the BBM topics on appetite I believe, and have gathered some of the basic advice: eating more protein, eating more fiber, making sure you sleep well due to the effects on appetite, etc.

    I am not sure if I just have missed it, but a lot of people swear on other appetite tricks: chewing gum, carbonated drinks (Calorie free ofcourse), 10 calorie jello, just to name a few. I can say that looking back, when I am hungry and out of calories for the rest of the night, I tend to drink a lot of calorie free carbonated drinks i response.

    I am wondering if there is any evidence of these types of things working, and if there is any other tips/tricks I might have missed. Thanks!

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    Chewing gum and Jello both contain Calories and do not have any evidence suggesting they reduce total daily energy intake compared to not eating them. I would wager that over the course of days to weeks, they have minimal effect, but there's really just not any data here.

    The existing data doesn't really show any effect of drinking energy free beverages on appetite ratings or daily energy intake.

    Biggest "trick" here is going to be adjusting your food and eating environments as best as possible.
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      Thanks jordan!