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    Hi, I was just wondering if there was any absolute bottom end for caloric intake that you would never go below in an attempt to induce weight loss in an individual for general health? The two cases I am interest in is a female at 140lbs and a male at 215lbs. Both have been long term efforts to lose weight for general health and have plateaued at this weight eating 1200 and 1700 calories respectively. I am just concerned about going any lower than that. Have increased cardio as well to at least get the needle moving a bit and that hasn’t seemed to make a significant difference.

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    I can say confidently that neither are eating that Calorie level on a regular basis if they are not hemorrhaging weight.

    There isn't a specific Calorie level that I would "never" go below, but if someone isn't losing weight at 750 Cal below their NIH-predicted maintenance level, I think there are other issues surrounding adherence that need to be addressed before reducing Calories further or adding conditioning (if already meeting activity guidelines).
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      That is very informative, thank you very much!