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Creatine Non-Responder Questions

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    I do not think taking more creatine than 0.05g/kg bodyweight is likely to improve response to creatine. I also do not think that lower muscle CSA or type 2 fibers- to the extent this can be known without biopsy- predicts response to supplemental creatine either. It is more likely that you are a responder than non-responder, but dietary creatine isn't going to change your results a ton either.

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  • Bekegren
    started a topic Creatine Non-Responder Questions

    Creatine Non-Responder Questions

    Hi, Jordan. I have a question about creatine non-responders. I’ve been taking creatine for years, but I suspect I could be a non responder (lower cross-sectional muscle and type 2 fibers). suggests people who suspect they could be non-responders take 10 grams a day. Is there any truth to this? And is creatine even worth taking if I suspect I’m a non responder?

    thank you for your time. zz0.1l5as44ntgtzz