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    Good tidings Doc and all,

    I have been bulking for the past month or so and have been using daily weight measures as my guide, as I'm only tracking protein and a rough estimate of calories. This is due to more stringent tracking fatigue on my cut preceding this. I am curious what is the best way to interpret scale weight as a guide due to daily weight fluctuations; taking the average of the week and comparing it to the next, month to month, etc. My tracking so far is included. I'm aiming for .5 lbs/week with a modest surplus and weigh first thing every morning before breakfast. Thanks again for all you guys/gals do.​

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    Hey there,

    As you note, body weight can fluctuate significantly day-to-day. To try and suss out the signal from the noise, I think comparing weekly averages is reasonable.

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      I figured but just wanted to double check. Thanks again!