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    I started to use Pre-Workout again because of tiredness after work and I noticed a thing I also had the last time.

    The first drink of Pre-Workout I took gave me a feeling of hitting the juicy PRs for sure and the training went really good.
    The next day I took Pre my lips and skin did tingle but the PE I felt in day 1 didn't really came.
    I used the Pre until it was empty and forgott about it.

    2 Weeks ago I decided to give it another try... and the exact same course of events I described befor took place.

    Is there some sience behind this or am I just expecting too much from a simple Pre-Workout?


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    Hey Josh,

    Usually the ergogenic benefits of a "pre-workout" are due to caffeine, which don't really wear off over time and certainly not in one day.

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