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  • Carb type and timing

    Hello, I am an advanced lifter with a total of 645kg on the big 3 at 98kg bw. So far I have not really given too much attention to anything other than total calorie intake and protein. As I am beginning to stall I was wondering whether adding other variables would make a difference or look for another way.
    a) will eating more carbs around the workout window instead of at night (sitting with gf and having kilos of pasta while watching movies) make any difference?
    b) eating soon-ish after the workout (not like the 30 min myth but not staying empty for 4 hours either), would that make any difference?
    c) Eating low fat after workout for fast digestion (does the rate even matter since it will be digested anyway?), is this based on insulin sensitivity and if yes, what's the impact in the real world
    d) Making carbs post-workout simple (rice,pasta,cereal) also for faster digestion

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    Thanks for the post. To your questions:

    a) Unlikely
    b) Unlikely
    c) No
    d) No

    I think the programming is far more important here. What program are you running?

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