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  • Set Point. Fact or fiction.

    Hey all,
    An interesting topic I used to hear (many years ago) was that, when gaining weight, then turning around to drop some fat, or vice versa, you should stay at your new weight for a while (I think it was recommended for a couple of months) before starting your next phase of either dropping fat or gaining muscle.

    I haven't seen any actual studies about this, and wondered if any of you have heard of it, and if it sounds like there is anything to it or if it just made for a good article to keep views on a bodybuilding web page.
    I tried a search, but "set" and "point" are too common to try and find what I'm taking about.

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    I do think that maintaining a given body weight and body fat should probably be done at the end of a cut for a few weeks, but I probably wouldn't do it at the end of a mass gaining phase unless I didn't have the resources to cut appropriately.
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