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Impact of Proper Nutrition vs Supplementation

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    If I had to make a completely arbitrary non scientific non meaningful estimate of percentage gainzZz from extensive supplementation in the context of a very good diet, I'd say ~5% improvement in performance.

    I'm certain there are medications that are contraindications to some supplements, but an exhaustive review is beyond the scope of your question. None of the antihypertensives, diabetes meds, or statins have these restrictions.

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  • schmatt
    started a topic Impact of Proper Nutrition vs Supplementation

    Impact of Proper Nutrition vs Supplementation

    Thanks for taking the time to run this forum and provide all the great information and content.

    What percentage of performance would you attribute to proper nutrtion vs the effect of the supplementation? I'm just wondering if you could expect any noticeable improvements, or is supplementation for someone looking to get that last extra bit of performance?

    I currently take creatine. I'm wondering whether it's worthwhile to add in some of the other recommended supplements. Are there any medications or health conditions that would be contraindicated for any of the recommended supplements?