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No more squatting for me? injury

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  • No more squatting for me? injury


    25, male, 209lbs, 6'2, cutting some weigth, treating insonia linked to anxiety and depression, under 'strong' medication and psychiatric advice

    after doing myoreps in week 1 hypertrophy, I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my left hip and quad

    In the following 2 weeks squatting was making the pain worse, leg press also, HIIT in the air bike also increased the pain

    deadlift and its variations were fine though

    I took a lot of anti-inflamatory stuff, but each rep of the squat is painfull. The closer the angle between my torso and legs worse is the pain, however high bar was also painful

    -No SSBS bar avaliable, leg press also hurts

    -the knees-out movement also hurts

    -box squat also hurts in the way up

    -Moving the legs while driving sucks

    x-ray: no bone disorder detected

    MRI (i'll try my best in translation)
    -No osteonecrosis
    -small surface of subcortical osseous edema in the anterior portion of upper-acetabulum, adjacent to the labral insertion
    -Rectus femoris tendon containing fissure/discontinuity at the level of lower-anterior iliac spine

    Doctor (who doesn't lift) said


    Dropping DL and squat is to much and will make my workouts boring, I'll surely keep DL but not sure about squatting, because each squat workout is shit =( the "what you gonna do, not train" seems impossible now for squatting
    1)Knowing that deadlifting does not hurt or aggravate the pain, in fact my deadlift e1rm is increasing more than ever, should I still deadlitf? Following the info in the podcasts it would be an yes but i'd like to check to be less 'anxious' about that 2) I don't freak out when I feel pain Squatting, I will freak out if I really can't squat anymore for a while, the only exercise that really feels like a real workout (as well as DL). Should I keep squatting? thanks in advance,