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"Pop/snap" in quad

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  • "Pop/snap" in quad

    Hi Docs,

    54yr male , 73", 210#

    I've had a recurring problem with my left quad. When I squat / leg press moderately heavy, I've felt a painful "pop/snap" sensation on the outside top of of my quad, about 1/3 up from my knee (leg is always at 90deg when this occurs). This has occurred several times when the weight was still in a warm-up set; what I would call RPE 6. I've been able to continue exercising at a lighter weight, but it is painful to continue with a weight that was in use when it occurred. I am not able to lift anything heavier now without it reoccurring (heavier than when it first occurred). It is usually several days before the pain completely subsides. Before I try and push through the pain, I am looking for advice on a strategy to correct/alleviate this.