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Left stomach cramp?

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  • Left stomach cramp?

    I know that you can’t tell me exactly what I’m experiencing via the internet , just thought I could give a description and maybe get a ballpark idea ?

    Starting a few weeks ago , 3 to 4 inches to my left of my belly button, pretty much in line with it , started feeling what I can only describe as a cramping feeling. Lasted a day or two , went away. A few days ago I started feeling it again only it’s here to stay awhile it seems.

    No diarrhea
    no vomiting no fever I don’t feel bad , no certain food seems to effect it. Based off these lack of symptoms I’ve kinda ruled out diverticulitis though I know you can probably have that without symptoms.

    Doesnt hurt when training even if wearing a belt. Also doesn’t hurt to press on the area at all or mess with it. Only really hurts if I stretch out or take a deep breath. And I don’t even wanna say “hurts” because it’s not like a stabbing pain , like I said feels exactly like a cramp.