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Pain/REHAB CONSULTS w/ Dr. Ray & Dr. Miles

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  • Pain/REHAB CONSULTS w/ Dr. Ray & Dr. Miles

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to the Pain & Rehab forum. This is a free Q&A forum with our rehab specialists, Dr. Ray & Dr. Miles.
    You can read more about them & their credentials here:

    They will do their best to provide general advice & guidance for folks dealing with pain and injury; however, many such cases are quite complex and require detailed analysis. For these cases, a formal consultation may be recommended in order to get specific recommendations.

    Consults can be requested by submitting a questionnaire here:

    They offer one-time video consult appointments, OR initial video consult appointment PLUS rehab-focused programming with regular follow-up and re-assessment.
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    Hey Everyone,

    A few quick announcements on the pain and rehab consultations + programming with Derek Miles and I.

    1) We are quickly reaching our cap for consultation + 1 month of monitoring/programming for October. We don't want our services to suffer by overbooking ourselves.

    2) Waiting List - please continue to submit inquiries if you are interested in both a consultation and 1 month of monitoring/programming. Those on the waiting list will be contacted on a first come, first served basis.

    3) We will continue to perform consultations ONLY for the month of October and do not have any foreseeable planned caps for this service.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    Thanks for trusting us with your pain and rehab needs.