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    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to the Pain & Rehab forum. This is a free Q&A forum with our rehab specialists, Dr. Ray & Dr. Miles.
    You can read more about them & their credentials here:

    They will do their best to provide general advice & guidance for folks dealing with pain and injury; however, many such cases are quite complex and require detailed analysis. For these cases, a formal consultation may be recommended in order to get specific recommendations.

    Consults can be requested by submitting a questionnaire here:

    They offer one-time video consult appointments, OR initial video consult appointment PLUS rehab-focused programming with regular follow-up and re-assessment.
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    A message from the Pain & Rehab Staff:

    Hey Everyone,

    We are ecstatic that people are open to discussing their experience with pain and the process of training and living life with such experiences. These sorts of interactions are a major part of shifting the social view of pain and what to do about it.

    However, over the past year many of the threads have started to involve personal cases of pain where individuals are seeking very specific individualized advice, as might be obtained through a one-on-one consultation with a rehab professional. Our coaches spend what little free time they have answering questions and providing advice for free, but such detailed individualized advice is not the intended purpose of the Pain & Rehab forum, which was set up to facilitate discussion and to provide general advice and guidance for dealing with pain and injury.

    For anyone seeking individualized advice, we recommend seeking a consultation with a trusted local clinician or a remote consult with one of our rehab coaches. A consultation will allow you to have the direct attention of a clinician in a private conversation to thoroughly discuss your experience and collaboratively figure out a path to move you towards your goals.

    If this interests you, please follow this link:
    We'd Love To Hear From You! Send us your inquiry and we’ll get back to you ASAP: [email protected].

    And submit an inquiry under “Injury and Rehabilitation Training”

    We are also in the process of designing an FAQ for issues we are commonly asked about regarding the pain experience and associated issues such as sprains/strains, tendinopathies, low back pain, load/fatigue management, etc. This will take some time to get ready but we think once it is available, it’ll be a great resource of knowledge to help you all self-manage such issues.

    We are very appreciative to have all of you as a part of our community.
    For a general recommended "starting point":

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