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How to train with and treat elbow pain

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  • How to train with and treat elbow pain

    I'm currently a novice running a novice program similar to Starting Strength, but I'm only squatting 2 days a week instead of 3, and I have more total weekly pressing and deadlift volume than SS. I made the switch to low bar squatting a few weeks ago, and I've gone from doing 185 for 3×5 to 235 for 3×5. However, around the time I got to 225, I started experiencing elbow pain that throbs in my elbows and radiates up my biceps all the way to my shoulders. I watched Alan Thrall's videos on the grip for low bar squatting and read dr. Feigenbaum's article on "the Elbow Problem," and I think I'm going to switch to a thumbs around the bar grip and also be extra careful to keep the weight of the bar loaded on my back and not on my arms, and if that doesn't work, I'll just switch back to high bar. For right now though, my elbows are still hurting whenever I do any sort of bench pressing or overhead pressing and they hurt for hours after even with low volume and without doing any low bar squatting for a few days. I can train with a safety squat bar for the time being to not detrain my squats, but is there anything I can do about my pressing, or will I just have to deal with detraining somewhat till my elbows get better? And is there anything I can do to help the recovery process?
    I would appreciate any advice.
    -Perry Tate

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    Hey Perry, as with most (likely) reactive tendinopathies there are some adjuncts with which you can use to start stressing the tissue by a means which which to increase load tolerance. The simplest of which being isolated wrist extension with a dumbbell at a slow (3-1-3) tempo. If that is still eliciting some symptoms you can start with just the eccentric version of the exercise assisting with the opposite arm through the concentric phase, then taking 3 seconds through the eccentric. This should be performed at a relatively challenging weight (I normally recommend RPE ~7) and shoot for 4x8-10 reps.