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Shoulder and knee pain

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  • Shoulder and knee pain

    Hey guys, I would just like to ask two questions about pain and injuries.

    '1. Lately my knee has been nagging whereas I can warm up good and build up to my top set without any pain. Knee sleeves have tremendously helped me and my first question was, if the pain that I experience through my daily life is not hampering my performance in the gym, is it something to be worried about? Is it something that I should be taking in consideration? I'm a young guy (16 years old) and I would rather not have an injury that is nagging me for the rest of my life.

    2. The second question is about my shoulder. On my last own-made program I increased my bench frequency up to 3x week from a 2x week frequency. I started doing some Close gripped bench press once a week. Not thinking about the intensity I did over the 3 times each week (in 2-3 weeks), my shoulder has now started bothering me. It isn't directly pain, but rather an uncomfortable sensation when I'm benching and I get a sharp pain when I start doing my overhead presses after doing some sets on the bench. I am wondering on how I can approach this, and saving my shoulder. If I should rest for a little, or back of with the intensity/volume.

    Best regards and thank you for any help. I hope you could take this in consideration and help me out.

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    1. No, it's probably not anything to worry about. I'd suggest you check out our writing and videos on pain & injury for more on this.

    2. I would probably back off the intensity a bit here, and re-introduce things a bit more gradually. We've also discussed how to approach this in our articles and videos
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      Austin Baraki Sorry to intrude, but maybe I can help the man out here

      Sebamanzi Ad Austin's point nr. 2 - here is the link to a video that might help. It's actually Austin's video with the "algorithm" on managing pain in the gym. It has certainly served me well in the past, it might be of value to you.

      Stay strong!


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        Thank you so much for answering! I found it pain-free for my shoulder to do pin presses. I'll work with this for some weeks and get my technique on top. I'll watch the video you linked Alex