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Back pain annoyance yet again.

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  • Back pain annoyance yet again.

    Hey guys, I’ve always been hesitant of asking about back pain on here but I caught mine on film today. I’ve had pain that flares up about 2-4 times a year on average son di eas like 16, now 26. Since I’ve been training I have kept that 4 closer to a 2 most years. It sometimes will be stiff more often than flare up, but I typically work around that. The flare ups always happen either by, Squatting/ Deadlifting or I’ll wake up jacked up. Today I was working up to my 3RM for my program and the 3rd rep I felt it flare up. I’ve always associated it with SI pain, truth be told idk what it is but it’s super annoying. Excuse my lack of correct terms here but I kind of feel a pull/strain right above my left ass cheek deep in my hip everytime(just about) that it happens. Typically radiates it’s way up to aroundmy SI, and I feel like I can even feel some tingling/ burning sensation deep in my hip almost even to the front but not quite there. At that point everything tends to lock up on my left side.

    I typically address it ways I have read about on here and that works most/ some of the time but I can’t help but think some shit is going on if it’s always the same spot that gets jacked up. Today for example I finshed my set and then did my back off singles mostly pain free, and then worked up to 225 for some tripleson squats just too keep moving and gage the pain. During the squat I had maybe 95% pain(irritation) free.

    Anyway you guys can help would be fantastic, I’m so tired of this shit following me around my whole life. I can also post a link to the set I posted for my coach if you’re instressed in seeing the set it got “pissed off in”
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