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Training with Scheuermanns disease (Kyphosis)

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  • Training with Scheuermanns disease (Kyphosis)


    I recently heard that the daughter of a friend of mine has back issues due to Scheuermanns disease.(Kyphosis).
    She is seeing a physiotherapist,, but is still limited in her activities..
    16 years old , athletic type but now gaining some weight due to inactivity and frustration.

    Probably fysio has her doing extension exercises and some abdominal and posterior strenght work..

    Being a barbell-/ weigthttraining rehab discipel myself ( Reumatoid arthritis , total hip and knees replacements) I would like to know how to proceed with her.

    My guess is that form is very important ( back in extension ! ) and load should be very conservative in progress, but are there also lifts or exercises she should avoid. ?


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    I'm curious -- how do you plan to get her back in extension?

    What are you most afraid of?
    IG / YT


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      As far as I know the shape of the thorassic vertibrae prevents a normal position ( this is what I meant with extension) of her spinal cord.
      Sorry there , no native speaker of English.

      This is also what I am most afraid of. That loading for lets say squat will increase the offset and or pain.

      edit: she also has mild genua valga.
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