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Student/Clinician Introduction

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  • Student/Clinician Introduction

    Here is a meeting ground where students studying to be clinicians and practicing clinicians can introduce themselves so we can all get to know one another.
    Hopefully this will allow us to better help each other through the regular issues of being a student or clinician. If we are going to shift the paradigm in healthcare then it will require us all working together.

    Please list - Full Name / Student or Clinician / If in school, then where and what are you studying / If in practice - what type of clinician and where are you practicing. / You can also list social media contact if you want.

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    My name is Tino Kokko. I'm a first year student of physio therapy at Metropolia university of applied sciences, here in cold Pohjola (Finland).

    I'm highly interested in pain science and rehab stuff.

    I'm also a fan of strength training and like to think myself as a starting powerlifter.

    If, for some odd reason you want to follow me on IG you can find me @cerec_89



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      Hi everyone! My name is Allen Mardis. I'm an Athletic Trainer working with the Marines on Camp Lejeune in a sports medicine clinic. We see a lot of non-specific low back pain and PFPS. Trying to shift away from the mechanical model of pain around here is a struggle. Almost everyone believes deadlifts are evil incarnate...


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        I'm Hayden Whealing and I've recently graduated as physiotherapist (Australian version of Physical Therapist).

        Starting my first job soon which will be a mixture of aged care and private practice.

        During university I worked as a coach for a company that runs barbell-based classes to increase bone density in osteopenic/osteoperotic individuals (see the LIFTMOR study).


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          Hey everyone,

          My name is Charlie Dickson and I’m an intern for the pain & rehab division of Barbell Medicine. I’m currently in my 2nd year of DPT school at Radford University. I’ve been an athlete most of my life and have experienced quite a few injuries, which ultimately led to my interest in rehab. The science of pain in particular has been a huge focus of mine for quite some time.

          I’ve been strength training for almost 11 years and started competing in powerlifting in 2014. That journey has ultimately led me here, and I’m very grateful to be apart of such an awesome community.

          IG: charlie_barbellmedicine


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            Hi everyone,

            My name is Mark Manera and I am in my 4th year of 6 and a half at Maryville University in their direct entry DPT program. I also coach powerlifting, olympic lifting and general strength training at a local gym in the suburbs of St. Louis called Brentwood Barbell. I make a lot of Instagram videos about strength training, but would like to gradually shift my focus more on the physical therapy/rehab/research/pain science topics as I get further along in my academic career. My Instagram is: mark_brentwoodbarbell

            I am excited to meet more like minded students!


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              Hi everyone!

              My name is Zach Schmidt and I am currently enrolled in Carroll University's direct admit DPT program. I start grad school this upcoming fall. After school I know I would want to work more with more "athletic" type people (those who participate in sports or want to barbell train), but I'm just trying to sort out how I would go about doing that while learning a lot from this group along the way! I also want to learn about pain science to the point where I can easily explain it to other people.


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                Hey everyone!

                My name is Shanon Williams, I’m a first year PT student at the University of Montana. I’ve been involved in coaching and strength training/powerlifting for about 6 years, so outside of PT (and I guess also inside!) that is where my passion lies.

                One of my goals here this semester is to spend more time getting involved in forums like BBM. I want more opportunities to engage in discourse and challenge my ideas, as well as interact with like minded students/clinicians.

                Looking forward to it!

                My IG for anyone interested is @shanondubs


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                  Hey everyone!

                  My name is Keagan Barrett and I am going into my first year as a DPT student at Creighton University this fall. During this gap year, I have been coaching strength and conditioning as well as general physical therapy tech work. I hope to do some of my clinical rotations with more athletic populations whether that collegiate or professional.

                  Through these forums and the information BBM puts out I'm just looking to meet like-minded people and learn as much as I can before entering the DPT curriculum
                  IG: keagan_barrett


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                    Hello everyone,

                    My name is Nathan Henderson and I am graduating from Grand Canyon University this spring and starting in the DPT program at A.T. Still University this summer. I run a powerlifting club at GCU right now, attended a BBM seminar in Phoenix last spring, and am currently being coached from Alex Kovaleski with BBM,

                    IG: @nateh_24 (personal)
                    @liftingwithnate (training log and rants)


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                      Hey everyone,

                      My name is Austin Boos. I am currently a third year medical student at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduation next year, I'll be pursuing a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R / Physiatry). My specific career interests are: the application/utilization of strength training, nutrition and pain-science principles for various rehab populations ( i.e spinal cord injury, TBI, musculoskeletal disorders) . Look forward to meeting and interacting with other like-minded students and rehab professionals.

                      IG: austinmboos


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                        Hi everyone,

                        Name is Neville Chu. Been a PT for 7 years, graduate of Boston University c/o 2012. I've done a couple residencies in manual therapy *gasp* but fear not I am a strength and knowledge over all things type of clinician.

                        I also serve as the head weightlifting coach for Magnus Barbell in Portland, OR. If anyone is ever in Portland and wants to get a lift in let me know!

                        IG: neville.chu.dpt


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                          My name is Ben DeLoach. I am a DPT student at Georgia Southern in Savannah, GA. I graduated from the University of Georgia with an Exercise Science degree and have been an infantry soldier in the Army National Guard for the last 6 years. I have a passion for strength training and was a personal trainer for 2 years during undergrad/post-grad. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge, learn how to examine evidence without bias, and learn how to be a better physical therapist. I also want to squat 500 lbs.

                          IG: Benjamin_DeLoach


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                            Hey Everyone!

                            My name is Jahan Shiekhy, I am a 2nd year physical therapy student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

                            I just started barbell lifting Fall 2018 after a long time of chronic pain and LOTS of fear avoidance, catastrophizing etc. Loving this sport! I am interested in learning about strength training for many patient populations, especially geriatric athletes and athletes with neurological disorders.

                            Looking forward to learning and discussing here!

                            IG: jshiekhy


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                              Hello everyone!

                              My name is Cal Mouritsen, and I am a 2nd year DPT student at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND. I have interests in sports medicine or possibly pursuing PT within the military following graduation. I highly enjoy BBMED's content and discussions. I hope to come out of school with a few extra tricks, um I mean nuances up my sleeve!

                              IG: callenmouritsen