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  • Fracture in toe

    Hello Doctors,

    On January 2nd, I hurt my toe by tripping over someone's foot while playing a game. I thought I would just let it do its thing (aka heal) and keep lifting. Walking was the only really painful activity; lifting only caused a sensation in the foot, which didn't really hurt, so I kept lifting. The sensation while lifting went away, but the toe seemed to stop progressing at a noticeable rate after 1-1.5 weeks. I decided to go to a doctior (2 weeks and 1 day after the injury), and got an order for an x-ray. I got back the results today, and apparently I have a "little fracture in the left 2nd toe", which is "non-displaced" (quoting results).

    I would like to keep training lower body lifts, as I am still rehabbing my groin, and don't want a further setback, and lifting doesn't seem to noticeably hurt my toe. However, I fear that perhaps lifting could cause the healing of the fracture to slow to a crawl, or even stop.

    What do you think should be my plan to address this new information about my toe?