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  • Leg Numbness

    2 weeks ago, immediately after a deadlift workout, I noticed that my left quad was on fire. moments later though I noticed that from the inside of my left leg to just about mid thigh, the surface of my leg was numb. My knee was a bit wobbly as well. I have seen both a doctor and a chiropractor for mild relief, but I still don't have all the feeling back. The last nurse practitioner I saw mocked me for training as a powerlifter and I don't think she is taking me seriously. I do have some hip and lower back pain on that same side. How can I best communicate to my doctors about what is going on?

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    Hey, sorry to hear about your leg. Where are you located at and maybe we can get you a rec to a good provider in that area? If you're having numbness and experiencing some weakness in your quadriceps there is a chance you did something to irritate a nerve. This is not the end of the world and so long as the symptoms are not progressing it is certainly not a huge event. I personally would have mocked the NP for not training and more so for likely not being able to perform a good neuro exam, but hey, that's me. Typically numbness symptoms like this take on the order of months to resolve and more slowly fade away into smaller areas. Sometimes, as it heals it will get hypersensitive first so don't be surprised if it gets a little itchy. If you have access to a knee extension machine it would likely be worth getting on it and doing 2 sets of 8 single leg at RPE 8. Check the weight you can use for each side. If you are feeling wobbly and have some weakness this can give us a quantitative way of tracking the return to strength.