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Low Back Rehab Template

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    Originally posted by Michael Ray View Post

    I wouldn't recommend this as both will have some cross-over. Perhaps you can provide some details to what's been ongoing and maybe we can help adapt something to suit your situation?

    I have a similar issue: quad tendonosis and lower back pain.
    Back ground: competitive power-lifter, recently received a bronze medal nationally in March. Have squatted around 635lbs, benched 505lbs and dead-lifted 738lbs in the past, weighing around 255-260lbs. Work in an office environment, 32 years old. Diet and sleep are pretty good.
    -tweaked QL area Feb 2020 , went on and competed any ways , took 3 weeks off after comp , attempted to return to sport and about two weeks ago the QL region pain was noticeably worse. its a weird feeling too because it comes on after training, not during
    - pain only really happens when i hike my right hip or try to push it right.
    -quad tendon pain came on at around the same time, maybe a month before, around Jan 2020, this has sense gotten more bearable, started with tempo box squats up to 70% and then paused tempo box squats with around 325lbs, but i am concerned that this is aggravating my lower back.

    I have both templates the knee and the lower back , but i am really not sure how proceed after seeing your comment in regards to this, i read specifically that the bill star method can help with the lower back but will not help with tendonosis.
    I am hoping to receive some guidance on how proceed.

    I believe I PM'd Michael, so sorry in advance for the double post.
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