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  • Hip Issue

    Hello, I am having some hip discomfort at the end of my sets when deadlifting, squatting and barbell rows. I have no pain during any of the movements, or reps. The issue is when I unload the weight and my upper body goes from the bent over position to standing upright, I get this slight discomfort in both hips. Once upright the pain dissapears within a couple seconds. I should note that although I don't have this issue during warm up sets with an empty bar, it does start once a moderate load begins as I work through the warm up sets and into my working sets.

    I've done some looking around on the net, but it seems everyone has a different opinion on this issue. I've watched some YouTuber's with suggestions to test hip flexor strength and mobility and I seem to not have an issue there. So I am at a loss as to what the issue is. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you could provide.

    Relevent Information

    `Male, 43 years old, 6' tall
    `Currently 204lbs, and have been in weight loss mode since November 2018 when I was 260 plus pounds. Still carry a lot of fat in the belly with a 40.5" waist
    `Returned to training regular in March of 2019, after a 11 year lay off from strength training
    `Current program: BBM Beginner template and am entering my seventh week on the program, prior to this program I spent the first couple months at the gym getting back into the movements, and using a 3 day a week full body routine based around the compound lifts

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    Hi, thanks for the question, hopefully we can help out. Kudos for getting back into strength training after a long lay off, we want you to keep that up for sure. Fortunately, there is likely no underlying issue that needs resolvement in a case like this, as continuing to train with tolerable loads and positions will be the best solution. However, that is very general advice and I can probably provide more specifics.

    I just have a few questions that might help: How long have you been having these symptoms for? After they disappear within the few seconds, do they come back later on? Does the pain intensity increase with each load increase from the "moderate load" warm ups to working sets? Have you tried modifying any positions for the lifts themselves, i.e. foot width, toe angle, etc?


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      Hi Mike, sorry for the late response as I had not realized someone had responded. The answers to your questions are below in point form.
      1. I've had the symptoms for about 5 weeks
      2. They come back once I do the following exercises, squat, barbell row, and deadlift. Most intense when going from the bent over position in the DL and bent over row into the upright standing position when I'm completed the exercise and deloading
      3. I would say it is more present as the load increases
      4. I have been playing around with alternate foot position, and toe angles but still have the issues
      Thanks Darrell


      • MikeAmato
        MikeAmato commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for responding! So it's up to you and how tolerable the symptoms but you can probably modify a few things. You can easily alter the bent over rows to a different row variation, i.e. seated rows, chest supported, DB rows, etc. This doesn't need to be a permanent change, just something to keep you training more comfortably while symptoms calm down. And if you see the symptoms becoming more present as the load increases, you can dial in what is tolerable on deadlift, or possibly deadlift off blocks to reduce the ROM for now. Again, the caveat is how tolerable the symptoms are. These are some options that can help give you some control, keep training, and eventually return to the prescribed programming. Let me know if you have any other questions or updates!