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Elbow Pain during Bench Press

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  • Elbow Pain during Bench Press

    I'm experiencing pain in the right elbow during the bench press at the 'lockout' phase of the movement. There is no pain when the elbow is flexed, only when extended. It started to arise as weight increased. I experience no pain during other movements, only bench press.

    My standing theories:
    * poor shoulder mobility
    * tucking elbow too much during pressing

    Please advise if any further info is needed.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest adjusting load.


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      I noticed this problem when my elbows were too high up on my squat and caused my arms to carry to load while squatting. My elbow would kill me whenever I did any pressing movement until I fixed this.


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        Originally posted by Bak2ThaBasix View Post
        I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest adjusting load.
        Wise and somewhat smart-ass advice noted. That was the first element adjusted. It appears to have helped - still early days though.

        ericjspencley - thanks for input. Don't think that's my issue though.


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          I apologize I didn’t mean to come off smart assed it just happens sometimes.

          Really though I wouldn’t attribute “mobility” right off the bat. Check out mobility explained

          as I mentioned I would adjust load, which based on your response is working. It might help also if you submitted a video in the forum check. It would be easier to see what you are talking about. I would either do that through the Facebook page or the unmoderated forums. Good luck!


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            No apology needed. Was amused by your tone. Issue appears to be improving after stopping heavy singles for the time being. Thanks for the input mate.