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  • Shoulder pain

    I plan on trying to do an actual consultation soon but wanted to see if I could get any advice here first.
    I've had some severe shoulder pain for close to 1 year now, it started about 2 days after I had gone for a max bench. I didnt feel any sudden pain during the lift or even the following day. Since then it has been all over the place pain wise. There have been times were I have not been able to bench the bar without a shooting pain. Few days later I could go up to 185-225 before it hurt. I've tried all different variants and all have felt just as bad. It act up in my day to day life also. Reaching up to grab a glass or grabbing something out of the fridge can be anywhere from uncomfortable to making me drop it in pain. So far I've seen a few different PTs but have not seen much improvement. First 1 insisted on just doing cortisone shots after doing an ultrasound saying that its inflamed. The other PTs have focused on shoulder health and have me doing PRF, I think that's what it's called, basically pulling cables different directions to target different shoulder muscles. Also on the days where the pain is less I notice constant popping and grinding feeling on my collar bone and shoulders blade.

    1. Is there any advice on how to go about working out with this issue? I've been working to tolerance but with how much it fluctuates it hasn't seemed to help.

    2. should I keep pressing my doctores to actually order some test like an MRI to hopefully see what the actual issues is? A year of spitballing ideas clearly hasn't worked.
    thank you for any responses.