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Shoulder tendinopathy, How to address it?

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  • Shoulder tendinopathy, How to address it?

    Hello Docs, I come to you on this occasion looking to resolve some concerns that have been presented to me regarding some pain I've been experiencing on my right shoulder, I'm currently running the Powerbuilding II template, mid of week 9, and over the last month I have developed a shoulder pain, which I have the feeling is a tendinopathy, the pain is located in the region of the anterior deltoid and is more pronounced when I perform movements such as the Bench Press, mainly in the lower part of the movement, although the pain passes almost completely 24 hours after training, it returns immediately when I have to perform the mentioned movements, also I think the pain is stronger in periods where volume is quite high. Yesterday and today I have been reading some material that you have published about tenidnopathy, and I came to the conclusion that if pain is still persistent I'll need to modify some training variable in order to treat it, and this is where I need your help, what could be the first variable that should be modified to treat this type of condition/pain?, Volume/Intensity?,ROM?, RPE?, Exercise Selection?, Tempo?

    Ps. I don't know if it's of any use but, after finishing Powerbuilding II I'm planning to run the 12 Week Press.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, thanks for the question/post, hopefully we can help out! As you have laid out, there are many options on where to start to see if modifying a variable can make training more tolerable. It doesn't have to be the diagnosis of tendinopathy for this strategy to help, but it's reasonable given your situation and it's an excellent place to start. I would say you could start with adding tempo to the bench, as this will limit intensity, and if the lower part of the movement remains intolerable, you could try adding a spoto or board variation as well. Over the course of weeks you can progress intensity and ROM per symptom tolerance.

    Running the 12-week Press program shouldn't be an issue. You can use the same modifications for the press and incline press if the prescribed programming is intolerable.


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      Hey thank you so much for your help, shoulder felt good in last bench workout, I've noticed that pain gets a little uncomfortable when going to higher intensities, say [email protected], but I'll definetly will add some tempo work to treat this.