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Calcific Tendonitis, Anterior Shoulder Impingement

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  • Calcific Tendonitis, Anterior Shoulder Impingement

    Seeking help from the Forum on Calcific Tendonitis in my dominant shoulder. Saw Orthopod after a week of intense pain coming off a few days of events with heavy overhead clapping (Wedding and Football game). I've had a few years of existing impingement with moderate discomfort. Prior years as a shot-putter, HS/collegiate D-lineman and power lifter and now desk jockey have led to some imbalances.
    Seeking help on accelerating recovery and also opinions on if a Keto diet could have contributed to this. I've also had some assumed gouty arthritic attacks in the big toe and elbow (not definitively diagnosed) but wondering if this condition could be brought on by Keto. I'm 2 weeks post onset and feeling better but still limited with pain/discomfort with over-head movement.
    Thank you to the Forum. I'm a big BM fan.

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    Have you read our article series on the shoulder, including the article on shoulder impingement?

    Our general approach to rehabilitation is a reasonable place to start

    For individualized guidance / programming, we would recommend one-on-one consultation with our rehab clinicians.

    Additionally, I would not worry about your dietary habits contributing to this.
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      Thanks Doc. Baraki - I'll definitely take a look and consider the rehab consult. The orthopod wrote a script for PT. I'll reach out to one of your folks as well. I assume there is a contact link on the main website correct? Great stuff here. I'm an ex-orthopedic hip/knee/shoulder OR sales rep and have seen alot. I appreciate yours and Jordan's approach prescribing the barbell as medicine. Thank you for what you do.

    • Austin Baraki
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      Yes, consults are available via the website. Glad to help.