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Complications With Deadlifting

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  • Complications With Deadlifting

    Hey everyone, just hoping to get some sort of idea of what might be going on with my body and the experience I have while doing the deadlift, and occasionally the low bar squat.

    To start off, one year ago I was around 205-210 BW (at 32% BF mind you) and would easily pull low 300s for working sets, with basically no pain aside from mild DOMs the next morning. I've since been spending time losing body fat, and I'm down to about 182-185, and still mid 20s BF%.

    Since I've been lighter, I can't seem to pull even a measly 135 without some pretty excruciating pain. This usually occurs just before locking the bar out on both conventional and sumo lifts, and the "pain" seems to be originating from the top of my glutes and will eventually spread throughout my lower back. I've done many form checks, been to the usual massage and physical therapist, done dynamic and static stretches and the condition rarely improves, even going so far as to do sets with the empty bar in an attempt to train the movement without pain. Even when pulling 135, I've had instances where the pain was so great and sudden I've simply dropped the bar mid pull.

    At this point I'm just looking for options/training ideas to help remedy this. Any help/resources that could steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, here are some resources you might find helpful:

    4 Steps For Managing Pain In The Gym - Austin Baraki

    Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Podcast #3: Low Back Pain

    Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt

    Hope this helps