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  • Chest popping

    Hello team,

    First off, apologies if this is not the correct subforum, I was not sure whether the Medical Q/A was a better option, so please move it if required.

    I wanted to ask you guys about something that has been happening to me for a few years now (as you can understand, it is not critical, but an annoyance that I would like to get rid of if possible).

    Several days a week, I feel a slight pressure in the area of my chest bone / sternum(radiating a bit towards my left pec) that makes me stretch it out till it pops, and I get some relief. Then, some tension builds again and have to repeat it again (something similar to what is described here:

    Again, this has been going on for a few years. When I told a GP about it, he didn´t give it much importance, explaining that it had probably to do with lifting weights or posture. A couple of physical therapists told me the same, indicating that the tension built in the pecs could be causing this, or having stronger pecs than my upper back.

    I have observed that it tends to get worse when I spend time in a slouching posture (when reading or using the computer) and, curiously, generally after deadlifting (bench press is generally not a problem).

    I searched the forum and could only found a couple of posts about Costochondritis, but it seems to be a bit of a grey area.

    Do you know of any other similar cases and how I could get rid of this?

    Many thanks in advance...!


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    Hi guys,

    Bumping this so it doesn’t slip through the cracks. If it isn’t appropriate in any manner, please just let me know.

    Many thanks


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      I feel like you will probably be directed to this video when they reply

      If you aren't in any sort of pain that will force you to alter your activities then i wouldn't let it get to you, i would read the BBM recent article on crepitus if the video doesn't solve your issue/question.

      Not sure how well you know BBMs material, but they will never tell you to get massage or adjustments or surgery for something like this, if you have limited function of a joint and/or are in excessive pain and unable to continue training at the same capacity then you would be then asked what kind of programming/exercises you are running to try and figure out maybe some part of your training that is leading to this and ultimately manage your loads and exercise selection appropriately.


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        Many thanks for the answer, Jarred

        I am indeed familiar with the referenced BBM material. I was asking since this “issue” seems to have occurred to other lifters in the forum, and for what I have seen, it is also a recurrent topic on other lifting communities online.

        However, most people just seem to get rid of it by itself (with time) or they just live with it, as I have been doing for a few years.

        Just to clarify, I do not consider it to be an injury since it does not impact my performance in the gym. It is just something that is there and can become annoying sometimes, and so I was hoping that it can be resolved somehow.

        Also, this has been happening to me while running many different programs (with different volumes and intensities), and with periods in which there was barely any lifting, and it did not change. It just seems to get better when I do not spend sitting too many hours in a given day



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          I'd be interested in this as well. I've had a similar experience for about 10 years now. Mine will cycle from mostly mild discomfort to more generally painful over time with no idea what is causing the changes in sensation. Also, the ability to pop it to get relief will ebb and flow. I've also noticed I can't really do dips comfortably.

          I've kind of just learned to deal with it. I do try to keep my posture upright as often as I remember as this can help reduce the "build up" of discomfort for me.