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New hip pain for newbie lifter

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  • New hip pain for newbie lifter

    I have begun experiencing increasing pain near the forward crease of my hip / groin during my squats (left side). It has gotten worse during the past ~2 weeks, and today got bad enough that I didn’t feel comfortable continuing my squats. It does not effect my DL. The pain is fairly acute and does not travel – its pretty much right in the fold. I am squatting 3x a week.

    I am approximately 8 weeks into strength training having no prior history of barbell-based training.

    Here are some single clips from me today trying different stance width, foot angles, and back angles. These were all singles as the pain was too much to do much past 1 or 2 without a reset. You can see it impacting me the most on the ascent, about 2/3 up. It also causes me to lift my left foot on my ascent and in deeper positions, involuntary twisting my hips trying to avoid the pain.

    Some other points:
    • Thomas test is negative
    • Different stance widths and foot angles don’t seem to really help all that much (I spent today doing working set singles all with different angles; none offered relief)
    • More back angle helps, but I have to straighten out for a straight bar bath, thus the pain returns (however, if I do an air squat and keep my back bent 45 degrees almost immediately, the pain is much improved)
    • Avoiding anterior pelvic tilt helps a bit
    • It does not get worse with more load; the empty bar hurts as much as my working set weight (currently 145), but air squats dont hurt.
    • I can trigger the pain most easily by sitting on a chair, and squeezing a ball or my fists in between my knees – when I RELEASE, the pain appears and is stronger than when I squat. I do not feel the pain when I am actively squeezing my knees together – only for a second when the tension is released.
    • Standard lunges, without weight, also trigger the pain when when I go to stand to take a step and alternate the forward leg/foot. I also detect a bit of a pain in my right hip as well when I do this, but the left is far more severe.
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    Follow-up question, after giving it some more thought.

    Looking at my form, I fear I've been dropping too fast. Have I created a tendon strength imbalance/inflammation by neglecting my negatives/eccentrics?

    I had a similar issue a few years ago with tennis elbow due to overloading concentric motions from body weight exercise, and the eccentric exercises cleared them up in a couple of weeks.

    Would focusing on eccentrics with less load on concentric help? I.e., lunges inside a rack where I support myself when I stand up, but allow for a slow un-assisted eccentric on the way down? Are there ways to do only eccentric squats?
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