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    What’s up guys?

    Been getting ready for a meet on 2/9. Things were going really well on all three lifts until Sunday. Experienced some pretty intense L elbow pain after my first drop set on comp bench. I’ve had a couple of sessions since and it seems like it’s very sensitive to load. My plan right now is to adjust intensity down and start working back up as tolerated. Probably going to have to avoid heavy singles for
    now as well as these seem to be most irritating. My question is do you guys have any specific advice for training with elbow
    pain based on your experience with clients or yourselves that may help? Are there certain variations or exercises that people seem to respond better to than others? Looking for ideas to experiment with as many of my go-to’s may be irritating. I have a couple of days off and I’m hoping it calms down a little during that time. Then hopefully I can find some manageable way to train it. Right now It looks like I’m going to have to avoid singles (not ideal 4wks out), CGBP and add tempo work as that seems to make things more tolerable.

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    It sounds like you have the right idea in mind. We don't view the elbow as "special" compared to any other part of the body, so our general guidelines would apply equally here.

    We wouldn't predict any particular variations to go better/worse for an individual ahead of time, so it's primarily going to be a matter of experimentation and loading to tolerance.
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