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Knee rehab template, BBM consult, or local diagnosis for long-term knee issues?

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  • Knee rehab template, BBM consult, or local diagnosis for long-term knee issues?

    First, thanks for this opportunity to ask questions. It's a great resource.

    I've had left knee tightness/soreness/pain off-and-on for over two years now. I think it's related to poor squatting form as a result of right hip issues caused by a fall in 2016. It's a long story not appropriate for this venue, although the right hip still causes issues at times too. The knee issues no longer go away like they used to when I would reduce squatting load or frequency, and now they flare up from normal life. I haven't seen any medical professional to diagnose the issues, nor have I sought outside help in fixing my crooked squat form (hip shift), although I've tried several things on my own. I'm a bit stubborn for hoping things will resolve on their own or through my own efforts.

    The symptoms seem like PFPS or something related...tightness/soreness of the knee tendons (especially immediately superior to the patella), occasional patella tracking issues, tendon "snapping", serious crepitus, and what appears to be a bony protrusion on the superior anterior surface of my patella (I'd estimate 10mm diameter, 3 mm rise in the center). But again, none of this has been diagnosed by a professional. Bad flare-ups are mitigated by icing and reduced activity

    So my question: would you recommend a) I run the knee rehab template, b) pursue a consult with you all, or c) do I need to go have an official diagnosis?

    Stats if they matter: Male, 47, 5'11", 205, general strength athlete (~7 yrs), reasonably active

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    Jugrock Hey, thanks for the questions. I would recommend option b right now so we can gain a better understanding of your history and current status. We can then make recommendations towards option a or option d - allow us to program you through this process. Here is a link to our intake paperwork -