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BBM recommendations on massage/stretching for injury and trigger points

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  • BBM recommendations on massage/stretching for injury and trigger points

    I recently began following you guys and reading/listening to as much of your materials as I can. I’m on week 3 of The Bridge and am loving the programming, also love your overall training philosophy and pro-science approach.

    I understand you don’t believe there is much evidence to support use of stretching/massage/foam rolling/icing/flossing etc to reduce recovery time/DOMS or benefit strength.

    My questions is, what about for treating trigger points/knots or other “out of the ordinary” pain and mobility issues such as piriformis syndrome, abnormally tight hips, or more chronic sore spots?

    What I’m getting at is, does your “stretching or foam rolling is not helpful” philosophy just apply to general recovery, or does it also apply to treating more specific ailments?

    thank you!

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    I would suggest continuing to make your way through the rest of our material on these topics, as they do get addressed as well. There have also been a number of threads in this forum on the topics of manual therapies that I would encourage you to search and read.

    If you enjoy stretching, you may stretch to your heart's content. However, we do not have strong reason to believe that it reduces the risk of injury, which is the usual context of this discussion.

    I would also point out that your question assumes that 1) "trigger points" actually exist, 2) that "piriformis syndrome" is clearly defined and reliably benefits from external intervention, as well as a number of other assumptions. These are premises that we would challenge.
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