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    Docs and BBM crew!,

    I recently listened to an E3 podcast where they were explaining the impact of the fifa 11+ injury prevention protocol. Having no previous knowledge of it I looked into it and how it could be applied to basketball players. Not to be reductionist about the entire protocol but is a potential explanation for its positive result simply exposure?

    by that I mean implementing a program/protocol that progressively warms them up to movement patterns that athletes will be involved in during sport? Are there any underlying mechanisms that you could provide insight on?

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    Hi, not sure if you saw our IG posts recently about reducing risk for muscle strains but we included the FIFA11+ in our last post:

    That being said, explaining underlying mechanisms for reducing risk can be a tricky game. I like to think about it in the way it's demonstrated in a complex systems manner as so eloquently demonstrated in this paper by Bittencourt et al:

    So, we are likely affecting different nodes in the web, i.e. strength, fatigue, skill, attention, etc. How much each node factors into risk reduction and how much they each change from the application of something like the FIFA11+ takes a little more effort to find out. There seems to be some carryover for basketball:, so it obviously doesn't need to be perfect (waiting for the FIBA11+...that's a joke) since doing something that covers the basics is going to be better than doing nothing or something too superfluous.


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      Dr. Amato,

      I did not see it initially, which I am not surprised that you all have already discussed it. After reviewing the post it confirms my bias, which is all we are really looking for in life right?

      I was basing my understanding and applicability to basketball on the Longo et al paper.

      It does make me wonder what would be considered superfluous? Which I am assuming is context dependent in itself. Compared to doing nothing, I am sure nothing is superfluous but doing something with to high acute volume or highly technical with minimal experience/exposure is supervolous compared to something like a decent program/ fifa11+

      So I think as it pertains to the context of implementing the fifa11+ prior to a game/ practice would be better than nothing but the jury is still out as to if it is better/worse than other modalities.


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        You might be interested in the KNEE program, which as I understand it is a similar approach designed for netball. I don't think the research is there yet compared to FIFA11+, but it might be a more specific option following the same principles.