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Strength 1 template- Shoulder/ Lower back-Hip issues

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  • Strength 1 template- Shoulder/ Lower back-Hip issues

    Dear all, As this is my first post in this forum, let me begin by thanking the whole barbell medicine brigade for putting up great information out there on internet.I might not be wrong to say that, you're starting a sort of revolution in the field.

    Now, I have started using the strength I template of barbell medicine since around a month. I am experiencing two issues, during and after any intense training session:
    1. Discomfort and pain inside the top area of my right shoulder, with the unease running often onto the right clavicle. The discomfort stays at least for a couple of days. I had similar problems in the past, and doctors were not able to isolate the cause.
    2. Discomfort and pain in the right hip area just below the lower back. Again the pain/discomfort stays at least for a couple of days, if not more. I don't get problem walking, but I can feel this pain, if I sneeze or cough hard

    I'm 6'1 male, weighing about 200 pounds. I have a day job, where I stay behind the screen, for many hours.

    Please help. I really want to keep increasing my strength and perhaps participate in (powerlifitng) competitions, if I can get over the above issues. Looking forward to your support.
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    Thanks for the post and the kind words, sorry to hear you're having some discomfort and pain after the training session but we can probably figure out a strategy and modifications to keep you training. If you haven't already, I'd give Austin's most recent article a read: The TL;DR version is that I'd start with modifying the intensity of specific lifts and see how you respond to that. An easy way to do that is to decrease RPE by 1-2 on the prescribed sets. Do you have any more information for what constitutes "any intense training session"? Any specific days or lifts that seem worse than others?


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      Thanks Dr. Amato for your response. I will read Austin's article. As for your questions, I need to distinguish the following:

      1> Shoulder: In general, I feel the pain when I do multiple reps in a bench press or overhead press, with a (relatively) heavy weight. Last few weeks, I feel it most on the days following a training with the slingshot or the days where I have competition bench and overhead press in the same workout. The pain stays for few days. I have been using alternative hot and cold gel packs and some stretching. But both of these give a very temporary relief.

      2>Lower back/Hip : Most of the time, I get this when I try to either do (relatively) heavy deadlifts or squats for multiple reps. Particularly on the deadlifts ! In case, it helps for you to know, I have relatively long limbs.

      By reducing the RPE, will I still continue to grow in strength, or is more for maintenance of current strength levels? Looking forward to your help