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  • Shoulder Discomfort

    Barbell Medicine,

    For about two years now I have had non specific reoccurring shoulder pain and discomfort. This seems to have started about a year after I started serious resistance training. Is had become more of a concern of mine in the last 6 months as the symptoms seems more persistent. Currently, I feel shoulder pain more prominently in the a.m. with most movements of the shoulder, espicially flexion. As the day continues it seems to die down, but the pain/discomfort associated with flexion continues. Activities that require external rotation like brushing my hair or changing clothing on the upper body are quite troublesome. About 6 months ago I saw a chiropractor for five weeks about this and the treatments/"corrective exercises" he gave me were not effective. I just got off the hypertrophy template and ran the bulk of it with no issues. A few weeks ago the pain started to flare up again. I am working on preparing for a powerlifitng meet in a few month and would like to work on improving or fixing this. The only lifts that are even somewhat problematic are the press and bench press. When I expirience pain during the movements it is relatively minor, but uncomfortable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 21 years of age, 6 feet tall,. 185 lbs, and I have a 32 inch waist. Thank you.

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