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Rib pain from belt usage?

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  • Rib pain from belt usage?


    My right rib started hurting a few hours after workout. I used belt for squat and bench. I am wondering if the belt was too tight/too high. Or would laying on bench/getting up from bench with belt on (tight) cause this? This has never happened before. Breathing is ok. Pain does not get worse when moving around vs sitting. The pain isn't that bad, it is just pretty annoying when I feel it even when I am not doing anything.

    So, what could have caused this, could this be a minor tear and how prevent this from happening again? My next training day should be on Monday, I am not sure if I should skip that session (I am running Madcow btw). Thanks.

    Update 10.5: Rib feeling better, almost no pain. Looks like I can lift tomorrow, still wondering if this was caused by belt usage.
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    I don't think you should skip any training. If wearing the belt is intolerable or causes your pain to get worse for a while after you've taken the belt off, then you could just loosen the belt or take it off for now.
    If there are specific exercises that are giving you a lot of pain then I think you should just follow the steps laid out in this article:

    Not to hate on madcow too much, but one advangtage to an RPE based program is that if you are having difficulty and need to back off that is already built in, and if you think you need to back way off for an extended period of time then you can manipulate RPE to program that.


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      Update 13.5: I did not skip training. I trained on Monday and today. And there was no rib pain after workout(s). I think the cause was getting up from bench quickly with belt on tight. There are no specific exercises giving rib pain.

      About RPE: I will probably do Bridge after this Madcow cycle.