Forgive me if this post would be more appropriate in the training forum.

I have previously had a distal bicep tendon rupture surgically repaired in my right arm. The injury was not training related. Before that I have never had any bicep pain or discomfort aside from some minimum muscle pain caused from training stress.

Several months ago while using the bridge 3.0 program I started feeling muscle pain in my left bicep about 2 inches above the joint forced a bit inside the arm and a bit on the deep tissue side. My recollection is that I mostly felt the pain during and after Day 1 bench press.

Due to life and travel I minimally trained over the past few months until about 6 weeks ago when I was able to focus on training more and began the Bridge 3.0 program again. Almost immediately the left bicep pain is back and I do notice it mostly during pendaly rows and again during competition bench. The pain is minimal but enough to remind me that I don't want to go through another repair.

After my previous surgery on the right bicep the surgeon did tell me that there could be a genetic component to the tendon rupture because many patients subsequently rupture the other arm as well. Not sure how accurate this information is or if it has more to do with this specific injury being prone for demographics that put themselves at greater risk for these injuries due to lifestyle rather than genetics.

I'm wondering if there is anything to the genetic argument for increased risk of injury? Also If it would make sense to substitute a different deadlift accessory lift for the Pendaly Row for a period of time to see if it relieves the pain in my bicep. If so which would you recommend and at what set and rep range?