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Possible Rear Deltoid or Lat Strain?

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  • Possible Rear Deltoid or Lat Strain?


    So I was doing deadlifts this past Sunday and felt a lot of discomfort after pulling a single at RPE 9. I was still able to do some back off sets however the more reps per set I did, the more discomfort I felt.

    Today I was trying to see which muscle(s) were giving me issues and I could not do one pull-up to save my life. The pain level would climb the higher I tried to get chin towards the bar. Dips also bring quite a bit of discomfort as well.

    Any thoughts on possible reason for this issue. The pain is located around lower rear delt and upper lat. I'll continue to assess the issue.

    Luckily I can still bench and squat with no issues. DL will require me to drop weight a bit. Just don't know which movements or exercises to perform to rehab this.


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    If you can bench and squat without issue I would not be overly concerned. Sometimes, with higher RPE sets we can have mild strains (realizing this is somewhat paradoxical as something sucking and considering it mild seem oppositional). It's not uncommon when that happens for symptoms to persist for 4-7 days and most of the time this will resolve on its own with adjusting RPE where needed. If it continues to bother you we can parse out a little more detail for what you need to do. That being said, if you really want to figure it out, I would suggest a single arm lat pulldown and bent over flies as the good ways with which to test. Going straight to a pull-up is likely skipping a few steps. You can use either of these to see if there is a difference side to side and if you desire, incorporate the exercise in as a means of working back to where it feels the same on each side.


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      Thanks Dr Miles. I set up resistance bands to simulate the pull-up and Let pulldown. Still have some discomfort but at least able to do some movement.