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Ulnar nerve pain and sudden cracking

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  • Ulnar nerve pain and sudden cracking

    Hi doctors

    since 3 months I started noticing some nerve pain in my left hand and it always happened when I touched my elbow especially side and under the bone,I did some research and found out it was ulnar nerve entrapment,I looked for some causes and it said that long periods of pressure to the elbow can do this,I don't think it's my strength training, otherwise lots of people would have this problem and it also said if you're smoking you're bending your elbow a lot so it can cause it too but I never ever heard any smoker complaining about something like this,when I am sitting on a chair I always tend to lean on my elbow or just put my elbow to the table and hold my chin, it comes naturally I am used to doing it so I thought this might be causing the problem but I never had pain in the right elbow only left and I almost always put pressure on left elbow, but I am doing this for a while and why is this occurring now? I also started having really little nerve pain in my right elbow today and as soon as i noticed it I felt like posting it here, I lean on my elbow %90 less now I am very careful with it also doing lots of push-up's in home due to corona I guess this is not a problem? I remember the time Alan hurt his back and Dr.Baraki did not panic him and he just kept working out slowly and got back on the big weights really fast so I Don't think I should stop doing any elbow bending resistance exercises.
    What are your thoughts on this? will I need surgery? is this something serious and so on ?

    Also my left knee starting cracking all of a sudden and also my wrists, maybe this is a medical condition? I have arthiritis it never tested positive on blood tests but my mother side has it, my mother's arthritis always tested negative too until one day it tested positive so I imagine it's hard to catch, just feels really weird that my bones start cracking and popping all of a sudden, the places that never cracked or popped before and it's not nitrogen gas because you can't pop a knuckle twice in a row the gas has to build up again my bones never stop cracking so it's not nitrogen. I am just really concerned about this too because I am just 18 can't imagine what it will be like when I hit my 40's.