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Lower back pain

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  • Austin Baraki
    Have you read / listened to much of our content on this matter?

    We put out a large amount of free content on the matter for people to learn from and apply in their lives -- however, it is not possible to give more specific / individualized advice on a forum without a lot more background information from her. For this, we would recommend a consult with our rehab team (more info here: )

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  • Tony Freeman
    started a topic Lower back pain

    Lower back pain

    Hey Barbell Medicine team,

    My mom has had lower back pain for a year and she complains everyday about it. She take ibuprofen everyday because of it. There isn't anything that flares it, she has the pain just from doing daily things. She is a fairly active person. She is a gymnastics coach, runs and walks every week, and also does resistance training at least 3 times a week. About 3 days ago she started complaining that the pain was radiating down into her left leg while we were on a walk and the pain has stayed radiating down her leg since then. If it helps she is also 50 years old. So what do?