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  • Couple of Questions

    Hey BBM Crew,

    April 15, I pull my hamstring doing sprints during all the gym closures. I felt a good pop and stopped me immediately. There was no bruising but since then the muscle feels different(to the touch). I went to the clinic and they it should be fine. So far, it’s been good but the lateral side of my hamstring still feels somewhat soft with knee flexion under load. Just wondering your input on hamstring injuries and training?

    second question, I’m running the bridge 3 and during week 2 I had a stressful week. Hurricane Hanna, stressful work week (firefighting) and many other factors so I restarted week 2 the following week because of missed workouts and really bad training days. Was that okay to do and how should we handle times like that?

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    CJMorales23 thanks for the questions. Sorry to hear about the hamstring strain. Did you do any specific isolation work to the area post-strain? Usually I advocate for doing some direct work to the area after a muscle strain like you are dealing with. This could be single leg curls and assess any strength differences. We will have obvious differences from side to side as a normal part of being human but checking this to see if there is a "major" difference is worth doing (typical "rule" would be larger than 10% difference worth spending some time on improving).

    Missed workouts - yes, I think that's fine.

    If you need individual guidance for the hamstring strain, we'd be happy to consult with you:


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      Thank you, I fill out the docs. I did do a lot of hamstring curls with bands and isometric work with body weight. Than transfer over to GHR and deadlift