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Quad pain during the squat

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  • Quad pain during the squat

    Thanks for the content everyone at BBM puts out, it's appreciated and has been useful in my training journey

    I was hoping for some advice - I've listened to the paid & rehab podcasts but it was quite a while ago, so am hoping to re-listen tonight after work for some more info.

    Whilst doing a 2nd back-off set of 5 I had a sudden pain in my upper left quad. I can't describe where it is, so I've attached a picture instead and outlined where the pain is. It felt like a spasm of sort - as if the top and bottom of the painful area were being pulled apart. It was during the ascent of the squat, probably the last 1/2 - 1/3 of the ascent.

    I racked the bar, rested a minute and did a few air-squats which all hurt, so called it a day with the squats.

    Towards the end of the workout I tried squatting again (air squats and empty bar) which all hurt.

    The below are all with an empty bar and are least painful first, to most painful:
    • Low-bar form with toes out hurts - it hurts an inch or so above parallel and below.
    • High-bar form with toes out hurts more than low-bar - it hurts about 2-4" above parallel and below.
    • Closer stance with toes forward (similar to platz squat) hurts more than high-bar. - It hurts at about 1/4 squat position and below.

    It hurts when going up/down stairs, and hurt when unracking the bar for a military press and when using leg-drive for bench-press (although the stairs hurts more!)

    I can go full ROM when doing air squats, but it obviously hurts, and would struggle to do much more than an empty-bar full ROM (at least today - day of injury).

    No visible bruising. Pressing the area hurts, but only maybe 30-40% of how much it hurts when doing air-squats.

    No pain anywhere other than where circled in the picture.

    Most movement which involves my quad hurts (moving it in the air whilst seated, stairs, driving etc.), but isn't crippling.

    Edit: Day after injury - I can do partial ROM on leg press. I can deadlift without shoes and only experience pain whilst pulling the slack and initial whip out of bar.

    It's my first training injury, so I just had a few questions I was hoping for some help with-
    1 - What do?
    2 - Any idea what the injury is?
    3 - Any idea how long these injuries usually take to heal? - I've got a powerlifting competition (C19 dependent!) end of November, any advice?
    4 - For future posts - any information that I've missed out that would be useful next time?

    I've also got a video of the top set of 5 squats here. Sadly no video of the back-off set when I got injured, but I don't think the form was massively different. Still working on form following lock-down, so this may have been an issue? -
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    Hey Eazeman - sorry to hear about your recent issue. We'd need a consultation to give individual advice (See:

    I recommend checking out this article for guidance on how you can adjust programming based on your experience: