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Scoliosis and Back Pain

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  • Scoliosis and Back Pain

    Hey guys, I have a new client (I train powerlifters and strength training in general) who came to me for coaching but she says she has scoliosis, which is mild but she suffers from back pain.

    I have a bacherlors in PE and been working for a while but I'm no doctor so I wanted to ask if it's okay for her to train normally (I guess it is, just have to pay attention to feedback and modify load, tempo, rom or something if needed) and if I should take any precautions.

    Thank you and I appreciate the response!

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    From one of the previous threads on the topic:
    Originally posted by Austin Baraki View Post
    I would not worry about, draw much attention to, or comment upon, her posture.

    Additionally, I do not have concerns about training with scoliosis (especially since hers sounds quite mild), and I wouldn't scare her about it either.


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      Originally posted by Acland View Post
      From one of the previous threads on the topic:
      MatiEsquenet -

      To reiterate what Acland quoted above, I wouldn't make a big deal out of the scoliosis based on what you've told us in the OP. However, this may be an educational talking point to discuss her experience with low back pain, the relationship she believes her pain experience has with scoliosis, and any activities she may be concerned about related to her pain experience and perceived influence of scoliosis. My usual anecdotal talking point here to hopefully encourage confidence is Lamar Gant.