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  • Advice for Nursing Hurt Calf

    Not sure if it’s strained or has a micro tear or what. I just started doing chain squats this block, so Monday was the 2nd time I was doing them. The problem is, I’m 6’3 and mostly legs so the chains I have access to have maybe 1-2 links touching the floor. Walking out, this causes them to swing wildly. During one of my top sets while walking out I felt slight pain in my calf and finished the set anyway.

    The pain worsened and bothered me the rest of the night. After that the only leg compound I had was leg press and it didn’t bother me during that so I wasn’t concerned. Tonight though, while warming up comp squat the pain came back, mostly being worsened while in the hole of each rep.

    The best way I can describe this pain is it feels like a huge knot is in the muscle belly, but offset towards the outside of the foot. (Really just feels like that one spot is pulling hard on the rest of the muscle I guess?)

    Obviously I’m going to avoid squatting while it’s causing me pain. The problem is, it’s not bothering me at all before the squat warm ups, so it’s hard to know for sure when it’s gone. Should I just take like 1-2 weeks away from squatting, then start again with light weight? Any advice in that area, or specific recovery methods for it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, check out these from Dr Baraki:

    Pain in training: What do?

    4 Steps For Managing Pain In The Gym


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      thanks for sharing!


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        I had a break from going to the gym for about a year and a half. I decided to go there again because all I did was sit in front of the computer in quarantine for the last six months. I chose to remember the old days and did my first training session focusing on my legs. I also started experiencing pain in my calves. I decided to consult a doctor friend of mine who had recently completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, and he said it was because I had put too much strain on my legs on the first day of training after a long break. In my case, this was because calves accumulated too much lactic acid. The pain went away after three days. Do not start training at full strength!
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