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    What is your take on this two articles?

    While in general it seems okey, It talks about micro re-injuries that you can not feel and many thinks that I've found counter-intuitive to bbm approach on injuries. On the other hand bbm uses his articles when it comes to pain.For example,

    "The risk of re-injury and collateral injury is a significant factor in many cases of chronic pain. Minor re-injury can stop healing in its tracks, or at least slow it down. Injury “prevention” is therefore not just a way of keeping yourself from getting injured in the first place, but directly relevant to recovery from obvious injuries that have already happened. Double or triple your alertness and caution when limited by an injury, and bear in the mind the risk of minor re-injury turning an injury into a chronic pain problem.

    We’re not just talking about the risk of a second “oh @#$!&” moment, dramatically re-injuring your injury, although that can certainly happen: re-injury routinely occurs in small, sneakier ways. And every minor re-injury impedes recovery. Minor re-injuries can be so subtle that you aren’t even really aware that it’s happening — all you know is, you aren’t getting better fast enough. (Although it’s awfully hard to tell how fast is fast enough.18)"

    Especially in the part that you aren’t even really aware that it’s happening. How can one use rpe when recovering from an injury if this is true?