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Hip pain after hiatus

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  • Hip pain after hiatus

    Hi everyone,
    I used to follow starting strength like it was my religion. I started about a year ago and stopped last March when the gyms closed. I was extremely happy with my results and could not wait to start training again. When I went back, every time I squatted I got an excruciating pain in the front crease of my hip at the depth of my squat. It is aggravating that the easiest part of my squat now is lifting the weight and the hardest is tolerating the pain. I have looked online for solutions and most people say to stretch it out, I've tried that to no avail. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or have any advice? I never had this problem for the 6ish months when I started the program. I've also tried pin squats which helps but I would prefer not to rely on those.


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    Hi Eric, i was about to post an almost identical question.. It's right at the hip flexor, on both sides, and i feel it as i get to depth and get that stretch reflex. For me, pause squats (i.e. slowing down that stretch reflex and then going from dead stop) isn't enough of a modification to alleviate the "pain". They are very angry.

    I have been looking on the forums and seen some questions about hip flexor pain and it possibly being related to squeezing your butt at the top before and even between reps. Which i believe i have been doing.

    I have substituted Squats in my workouts with TKE's using a band in an attempt to avoid de-training while I get an answer. If i can't squat, pin squat or pause squat. Would it just be varying the depth? eg Quarter squat or half down and pause?


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      Our recommendations are outlined here:

      I would start out by doing some tempo squatting (e.g., 3-0-3, 3-0-0, 3-1-0 tempo) for higher-rep sets to force a load reduction (as outlined in the article) and progressing gradually back towards lower-rep work with faster/normal tempos.
      IG / YT


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        Thanks Austin. I read this article a while back but never thought I would need it. I'll try out your advice.


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          Update on this issue. I attempted to tempo with just the bar yesterday, and it went angry angry. So i ended up air-squatting to the bench for higher reps. I'm thinking the way back would be to do this for a period of time and progress to goblet squats with a dumbell before jumping back to the empty barbell?

          Is the general idea reduce the load and reduce any de-training effect by utilising higher reps while the injury/flare up heals?