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Sudden loss of strength in right arm

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  • Sudden loss of strength in right arm

    Zero pain, zero numbness, zero tingling, BUT seemingly out of no where weight started coming off the bar for both my OHP and Bench. Today I picked up pair dumbbells, and my right arm won’t even press a 35lb overhead for more than two reps and three weeks ago could get 12-15 reps. Tried a pull up today and can’t even get one rep, as the right arm seems to be limiting factor. Wife put her hands on both my shoulder blades while I pressed empty hands over head and she noticed the right shoulder blade does not “rotate” as much as the left, and my right arm does not lock the elbow as left arm does. Grateful no pain but makes me not know best way to diagnose whatever may be underlying issue. Three weeks ago I was pressing 135 for 5 sets of 5 and last two weeks on my OHP day I got 120 for six sets of 4 and each set included a max effort grinder fourth rep. Maybe someone here has experienced similar and how they resolved or maybe has opinion for the next best step. Thank You! Russ

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    We would recommend pursuing a medical evaluation.
    IG / YT


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      Very much appreciate you reading through my post and responding, thank you! I am guessing my primary care physician would be best place to start?


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        Yes, that would be appropriate.
        IG / YT


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          This afternoon went to my primary care provider who referred me to physical therapy starting this Tuesday. As it stands right now a pinched nerve in the neck or upper neck region seems to be the most likely culprit.