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  • Great progress - keep going?

    Hey everyone,

    First of all, I wanted to thank Derek Miles to responding to my first post regarding a rotator cuff strain. I took his advice and slowly got into resistance training with a barbell. I started in August with a bodyweight of 150 lbs at 5'11, a 110 lb squat, 95 lb bench, 70 lb press, and 110 lb deadlift. Last week I squatted 240, benched 170, pressed 115, and deadlifted 250 (all of these for reps.... fahves lol) at a bodyweight of 170. I have to say that not only physically am I feeling better but mentally as well.

    I just had a followup question regarding my strain. Should I expect it to simply fade away completely over time? It doesn't physically stop me from doing anything, instead it feels like listening to a leaky faucet in a quiet house... kinda driving me crazy that there are still minor sensations.

    Its improved significantly thus far, so I dont see any reason for it to stop getting better, but its been a couple months. It's honestly just mentally exhausting to have this monkey on my back.

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    What you are feeling is pretty typical in terms of the resolution of symptoms. In instances such as this it is often about increasing the capacity of tissue in that you have obviously gotten much stronger, which is commendable. You continue to push your limits and sometimes that does make symptoms linger a little longer. This is not a bad thing. Over time, the symptoms will very likely fade. It's not uncommon for something like this to return from time to time and does not mean that you did anything wrong. A couple of months in the grand scheme of training does suck while you are going through it, but the summative years of being active make it still a small part of the overall process.


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      Gotcha. Thanks again for the help Derek!