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  • Shoulder pain


    I'm 20yo and since the past two days I have really bad shoulder pain (on the front) when I try to lift my right arm overhead. When i lift my arm from the side internally rotated, I can lift as high as I can without any pain. But when my arm is externally rotated or neutral it's painfull especially on the way down. But the worst is when I tried to do the ohp mouvement without a bar, when my humerus break the parallele from the floor it's really painfull and I can't extend my arm overhead.
    I always had some issues on my right shoulder , sometimes I used to get pain on that shoulder when I ohp but I always train trough it.
    I'm training at home since november because gyms are closed, for my upper body days I only do dips ; ohp and rows. So since I'm training at home without a lot of weights my training stress weakly is probably lower than before lockdown. I don't know what could have cause that pain.
    Should I continue to train without doing some ohp and maybe do some side raise with my arms internally rotated for my shoulders. Should I consult someone ?
    Thanks for the help

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    Our initial management recommendations for this are outlined here:

    If you are interested in more individualized consultation and/or rehab coaching, you can pursue a consult here, or with a local healthcare professional.
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      Ok thanks Austin

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    Hi. I faced the same problem, I am sure that only regular therapy, training, and slow recovery will help here. The main thing after it gets easier is not to give it all up. I like the links you sent, I will use them!